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Summer feels like it maybe winding down and there is an Autumnal feel to the air. With that comes a change in our skin and skincare. The lighter formulas resigned to our dressing tables in favour for richer, creamier textures to bring a boost to our skin. With the amount of vitamin d and sunlight set to reduce how can we feed our skin over the next few months?

During the Summer months our skin happily produces more oils and gets more sunlight exposure. I have found my skin already lacking its Summer glow and that got me thinking about how can I continue that glow using great skincare. For the past 8 years I have become more aware of skincare ingredients due to becoming allergic to nasty parabens that are put into products to help extend their shelf lives. Due to to the allergy I have to read all the ingredients to make sure its suitable. Finding the right skincare can be difficult and I want to be able to use something that also have great ingredients but it works on for example, moisturising, anti ageing, etc.

I have recently become a vendor for a fresh cosmetics and food supplement company called RINGANA.

Ringana products boast

100% freshness they have an expiry date ingredients
100% active ingredients
100% consistency, with no artificial preservatives and high in antioxidants
100% ethical and eco-friendly

Back to getting my glow on again after the Summer Ringana have a product called GLOW a smart booster to add to Hydroserum or Anti Wrinkle serum. Glow works like a protective shield against external environmental influences and delivers a perfect more visibly beautiful complexion. The products smell fresh and you feel like you are feeding your skin with natural ingredients. I try to eat a good diet and chose good fresh ingredients and now RINGANA offers me that in my skincare regime.

Ringana also sell, hair, body and suncare in their range plus the brands cult product tooth oil. The company was set up by Andreas Wilfinger when he was dissatisfied with conventional and chemically dubious toothpaste. Ringana created a natural dental care product which is unique in the market. Lastly Ringana also offer a fantastic range of drinks and supplements that can help a wide variety of things increase energy, boost and protect to name a few with carefully selected fresh ingredients.

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