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Today is officially Summer with a Summer Solstice and full boot.

I bring good news as I have also just put up new dates for our Pro Make up 6 week evening and 3 Saturday courses which will running over the next few months which I am looking forward along with my amazing team of tutors to teaching our future make‐up artists.

June has been a very busy month so far with my work taking me to the streets of East London and Brick lane for Cosmo and Esquire magazines. Milan, Pisa, Tuscany and the Isle of Skye working on shoots for Avon fragrance and a beauty shoot for L’Official! The next couple of weeks also set to be very busy working for Asos, Avon and New Look to name but a few of my assignments.

The weather has been up and down and this can play havoc on your skin. During the Summer months skin has a great glow due to our skin producing excess oil. Winter winds and central heating can dehydrate our skin. So in this months blog I want to tell you a few beauty secrets that will get your Summer glow on!!.

So my recent beauty purchase has been the Clinque Sonique Purifying Cleansing brush. A must have to leave skin squeaky clean. If the skin is not clean then your moisturiser or serums just won’t sink into the skin and do the good they should be doing. I have followed this by using a great hydrating mask from a natural Italian brand called Collister this combination gives the skin an outward glow.

Now back to creating that all over Summer tan (with or without the sun) a couple of new products I have found very effective are St Tropez gradual in shower tan, this is for those that do not have time on their hands, apply in circular movements whilst in the shower, leave for 3 minutes and hey presto a tan will gradually develop. Another wonderful natural tanning aide is Bali body, this comes as an oil or sunscreen and claims to hydrate, protect and nourish definite work checking out So whilst we await our Summer to arrive in the meantime we can recreate it all in the comfort of our homes.