Mac Masterclass

Level: This class is available for everyone

Time: Classes run all week

Cost: £200 (cost includes all make-up and skincare used during the class)
MAC Cosmetics is a globally recognised make-up brand. It is a firm favourite of make-up artists worldwide due to its exceptional quality, longevity and rich pigment.
One of our leading make-up artists will show you how to create stunning day and evening looks using only the best MAC Cosmetics.

Course Outline

  • How to choose the correct colour foundation and coverage for your skin tone/type
  • How to choose and apply the correct under eye and blemish concealers
  • How to choose the correct lip colour
  • How to correct lip lines (where applicable)
  • Eyebrow shaping and filling
  • Brown to grey smokey eye
  • Gel liner application
  • Mascara application
  • Blusher application tips
  • Bronzer application tips
  • Highlighting tips and techniques
  • Q&A session

For more information or to book your spot in our 3 hour MAC Masterclass, contact us on